Sunday, July 27, 2014

SkarGorn #61

Today's post is brought to you by my backyard...again. There are new and exciting scenery changes to come, I promise! Today's post is also brought to you by incredibly comfortable PJ-esque attire. This tee from SkarGorn is comfy, oversized, striped, and has a big pocket. What could be better?! SkarGorn is the coolest company, although pricey, the material is extremely high-quality. Plus I love supporting cool companies like them! This post is beginning to sound like they sponsored my dreams!!
 Now for the rest of the outfit - I purchased these shorts a few years ago before chambray was "cool," and recently dug them up out of my drawers and couldn't be happier about it! They were a great Forever 21 find. My loafers are an all-time fall shoe favorite of mine, but they were just sitting in my room begging for a wear out into the summer air, so I decided they gave this blue and white outfit the perfect pop of color!

Shirt: Skargorn, from Urban Outfitters - these run really big, so I would order a size smaller. I am usually a small and the extra small is still super loose on me.
Shorts: Forever 21, Similar
Shoes: Target
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Flash Lenses



  1. Cute look! I adore those shoes!

  2. I recently discovered the Skargorn #61 and I am OBSESSED. Bought three already and I can't wait to own more!